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Parts Wanted
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Good condition Lotus Sunbeam with no major problems. Must be road legal preferably with no major modifications although any engine mods are welcome
Standard near side strut for modification. Anything will do, all that is needed is the stub axle so it can be bored out to fit threaded tube.
Neil Wallace
4 pot front brakes with vented discs for my 1600 Ti tarmac rallycar
LSD rear 4.4 axle with disc brakes.
Powerful 1600 engine in very good condition at the right price....
Mint perspex front side windows with sliders.
A 4 or 5 speed racing c/r gearbox and a paddle clutch.
Ryan Smith
Six point roll cage for a  S2 Sunbeam Lotus (preferably with removable diagnol
Pair of front wings must be in excellent condition, never fitted if possible. Also a pair of mark2 doors also in
excellent condition, will cover p&p. 
Thomas Graham
01505 612660 workings hours
01505 359533 anytime
Off-side front wing in good condition
Dave Griggs
S1 headlight and indicator with mounting bracks in good condition  
Black dash or any colour will do also in good condition  
Right side bumper mount for use with Ti front spoiler
Graham Meeks
Complete set of interior door panels c/w handles and "buckets" must be black. (I've some nice grey ones for sale!!). Also wanted, a couple of window winders 'cos I've lost mine!. 
Peter Brown
set of 7 or 8 x16 wheels
Graham Meeks
2 8x15inch wheels for standard arched car
Graham Meeks
Sunbeam rally car, minus engine and box.
Condition irrelevant but must be complete so I can just drop eng/box in & go.
Steve Quenby
Rally prepared shell which is in good condition and straight.
To have the usuall things like seam welded fitted cage and every thing else for the right price
Mark Runciman
01355 590151 or 07989 440429 
16 valve BRM head or alike, cash waiting for the right bits
Jon Payne
8 and 9 inch wide 13 or 15 inch wheels wanted suitable for forest arched sunbeam
Jon Payne
S2 indicators or just the lenses to repair a heavily crashed rally car!
I will also buy ANY S2 front end parts if any are surplus 
Neil Wallace
Currently building a 1300cc LS (don't laugh) for 1400cc class Scottish road saloon hillclimb/sprint. Anyone got any ideas on engine mods? I was thinking of using Ti head & carbs; any suggestions for pistons etc?
Mike Wood
Sunbeam engine poss 120-125+bhp must be in good condition
Willy Toye
Lotus exhaust manifold (preferably competition/works)
Graham Meeks
4.4:1 cwp or full axle with lsd
Simon Forster 0113 2591969
Lotus Sunbeam in any condition, or fast modified ti or with pinto engined Sunbeam.
Ingo Pacht